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What to bring when you are having your machine serviced.

830,880, 880+ w/ Embroidery module
Zigzag throat plate

780,790, 790+ w/Embroidery module
Zigzag throat plate
Bobbincase sewing
embroidery bobbincase if you have purchased a separate one for embroidery

Please remember to replace the straight throat (stitch) plate with the zigzag plate that came with the machine. It slows down the service if we have to look for proper feet or stitch plate.

Tech Tips

When adding light brackets or stylist holders be careful not to put it over a seam in the cover. It makes it hard to get the covers off.
Deb's tool box

When winding bobbin be sure that the bobbin winds neatly and there are no threads over the edge or threads sticking out. This can affect tension and cause jamming.

Is your machine chunking and sputtering?

Maybe it is telling you it is time for a general overhaul.

Just a reminder as we come into spring and storm season, unplug your machines when you are finished sewing for the day. And when you are sewing the machine should be plugged into a surge protector with at least 1750 joules.

There are many good threads on the market but they may differ in size or texture. You may have to adjust the tensions to get the quality of stitch you desire. Check your manual to see how this is done.
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